The People of the Book, Cutting Edge Scholarship, Educational Institutions, and Museums in Israel, the Palestinian Authority & Greece

friday, january 5 (usa/israel)

Depart from Los Angeles (via LH 457) at 3:15 PM

Depart from East Coast (participants from Eastern USA)

saturday, january 7 (ISRAEL)

Arrive in Tel Aviv, Israel (via LH 694) at 7:10 PM

Check into Tel Aviv hotel

sunday, january 7 (ISRAEL)

Visit Joppa area, south of Tel Aviv

Visit Museum of the Diaspora (Tel Aviv University)

monday, january 8 (ISRAEL)

Visit Northern Tel Aviv area sites

Visit USA Embassy in Northern Tel Aviv

Travel north along Mediterranean coast

Visit Caesarea area

Check into Caesarea area hotel

tuesday, JANUARY 9 (ISRAEL)

Visit coastal sites, Mt. Carmel, Megiddo, Acco, and Nazareth

Check into Nazareth hotel

wednesday, january 10 (ISRAEL)

Tour Sea of Galilee area (Bible Boat Ride, Capernaum, Tabgha)

Visit the Jesus Boat Museum in Sea of Galilee area

Visit Jordan Valley and Jericho

Check into Jerusalem Hotel

thursday, january 11 (ISRAEL)

Visit West Jerusalem sites including National Museum and Shrine of the Book

friday, january 12 (ISRAEL)

Visit Jerusalem sites including Parliament and International Christian Embassy Jerusalem

saturday, january 13 (ISRAEL/GREECE)

Travel from Israel to Northern Greece

Check into Thessalonikki hotel

Afternoon free time

sunday, janury 14 (GREECE)

Visit Northern Greece sites focusing on Biblical sites

monday, january 15 (GREECE)

Travel south to Athens

Check into Athens hotel

tuesday, january 16 (GREECE)

Visit Athens area sites

wednesday, january 17 (GREECE)

Visit Athens area sites

Thursday, January 18 (GREECE)

Depart from Greece

Arrive in USA